The Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA) was first launched by China, Japan, South Korea and Vietnam and now includes eight countries and regions, namely Australia, China, Korea, India, Japan, Mongolia, China Taiwan, Vietnam. The conference aims to strengthen cooperation among nuclear physicists in Asia, promote nuclear science education in Asia, encourage Asian nuclear scientists to coordinate through the use of existing research facilities, and discuss future plans for nuclear science facilities in Asia.

The 2018 Asian Nuclear Physics Association (ANPhA) meeting & the ANPhA symposium on nuclear physics facilities in Asia will be held in Beijing from September 13th to 14th in this year and will be hosted by China Institute of Atomic Energy. The conference consists of two parts: the first day will be a symposium on Asian nuclear physics research facilities, which will exchange research work on existing nuclear physics research facilities in Asia, and discuss the future plans for nuclear science facilities in Asia; the second day is the ANPhA board meeting that will discuss cooperation among Asian countries and regions in nuclear science research and education and nuclear physics facilities, and will select the next Council. At present, the international advisory committee and local organization committee of the conference have been set up, the overall schedule of the conference has been determined, the conference work has begun to be planned. The conference will promote the status of China in the field of international nuclear physics and the role of major scientific facilities.

Beijing, China